About Us

STARA Hamburgo is a proud member of the STARA Boutique Hotels collection, which offers destinations featuring stylish, modern suites, elegant architecture, impeccable design, unbeatable locations and cutting-edge technology, along with the highest standards in quality and service. Inspired by the stars in the night sky over Mexico City, we aim to reach high, exceed expectations, fulfill dreams and surprise, delight and exalt the senses to generate brilliant travel experiences. In addition to avant-garde design, each of our hotels features an extensive collection of art, including paintings, sculptures and furnishings crafted by renowned artists from all over the world.


The 18th century mansion that houses STARA Hamburgo is protected by the National Institute of Anthropology and History and the National Institute of Fine Arts. While it retains its original architecture, meticulous refurbishments have been made to offer an extraordinary blend of historic charm and contemporary style.