Cleaning Actions and Suite Sanitization

Before the arrival of guests and diners:

All the hotel facilities are sanitized according to a strict cleaning, health, and disinfection plan.

In the Room Division Area, our program provides that:

  • One room attendant cleans and disinfects the suite
  • A second room attendant performs the assembly and completion of the suite
  • The housekeeper inspects the suite following a strict checklist
  • Linen change in each one of the occupied suites will be performed daily or at the request of the guest (the guests can decide the frequency of cleaning and sanitization or ask not to be disturbed during their stay)
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the suite:
    • Equipment and furniture
    • Doors and windows
    • Handles and doorknobs, windows, furnishings and lamps
    • Electric contacts and wiring
    • Remote controls
    • Telephones
    • Mattresses with vaporization treatment
    • Bathroom, Shower, WC, furniture, and amenities
    • Walls and panels
    • Fans
    • Routine process of air conditioning cleaning
  • All the sanitization is performed with cleaning products and viricides, certified and endorsed by certified companies in Mexico and the USA
  • After the guest´s check out, the suite is blocked for a minimum of 24 hours without using it to achieve its complete sanitization, ventilation and perfect preparation before being utilized again

Note: These actions are subject to change according to government and health recommendations.

Stara Boutique Hotels

Located in the heart of Mexico City’s financial district, Stara is a property that offers its guests all the necessary amenities during their business or leisure trips.

Located in one of the most exclusive and chic areas of Mexico City, here we welcome you from a modern lobby that combines the elegance of a contemporary style with the artistic warmth of the San Ángel neighborhood and its surrounding area.

Located in the southern part of Mexico City, this is a hotel for long-stay guests with the perfect amount of luxury for business travelers, tourists and families seeking privacy, warmth, a personalized service and spacious suites with all the amenities.

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Located on Reforma, one of the main avenues in Mexico City, this boutique hotel has 24 luxury suites, fully automated and equipped with the latest technology.