Modern Art Museum

It is an enclosure mainly dedicated to preserve, study, and spread Mexican art. The location, in the Bosque de Chapultepec, was inaugurated in 1964, as part of the cultural institutionalization program which characterizes the government of the then President Adolfo López Mateos. This museum has the compromise of being a public space that offers its … Read more

LUCHA LIBRE (Wrestling)

It is one of the spectacle sports that besides representing Mexican folklore worldwide, forms a subculture that attracts millions of followers and is one of the most liked in the city. We recommend you live this amazing experience in the Arena Ciudad de México.


Space that arises between some Porfirian manors and mansions amongst some skyscrapers and buildings of modern cut. Throughout the years it has become an area of a commercial character, where you could find boutiques, hotels, restaurants, art galleries, cafes, libraries, and more; also known for its nightlife, consequently, this place is one of the most … Read more


Monument created in 1910, it is a cultural icon of Mexico City and an emblematic place for celebrations and national events. Represents the victory for the independence of the country by means of an honorary column topped with a Winged Victory statue.


The Monumento a la Revolución symbolizes the struggle of the Mexicans. It is a work of art and a mausoleum designed by the architect Carlos Obregón finalized in 1938. An obligated visit in the city.


Urban park of 678 hectares, with countless vestiges of the pre-Columbian era. Nature, culture, and history in an environment of peace and tranquility. Lakes, fountains, sports facilities in a destination that you must visit.

Anthropology National Museum

It is one of Mexico’s and Latin America´s most important museographic enclosures and one of the main sites of tourist interest. Their 36 exhibition halls show the archaeological legacy of the Mesoamerican peoples, as well as emblematic pieces.


This magical amusement park, receives each year millions of visitors, becoming the most visited thematic park in Latin America. It is also the first Six Flags park inaugurated outside of the United States.

Time Museum

It has a permanent exhibition of mechanical watches, as well as diverse antiques related to the history of music, as well as electromechanical devices and historic furniture. During your tour, you can listen to original melodies played in antique musical devices, from a phonograph and musical box from the 19th century to gramophones from the … Read more


The magical neighborhood of Coyoacán is one of the most antique, picturesque, and cultural areas of Mexico City. Parks, museums, and places dedicated to the culture in general, compliment the tourist experience offered by this jewel in the south of the city.

Located in the heart of Mexico City’s financial district, Stara is a property that offers its guests all the necessary amenities during their business or leisure trips.

Located in one of the most exclusive and chic areas of Mexico City, here we welcome you from a modern lobby that combines the elegance of a contemporary style with the artistic warmth of the San Ángel neighborhood and its surrounding area.

Located in the southern part of Mexico City, this is a hotel for long-stay guests with the perfect amount of luxury for business travelers, tourists and families seeking privacy, warmth, a personalized service and spacious suites with all the amenities.

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Located on Reforma, one of the main avenues in Mexico City, this boutique hotel has 24 luxury suites, fully automated and equipped with the latest technology.