Stara Hotels Hygiene and Sanitation Protocols

Training and work environment

All the Stara Hotels collaborators will be properly trained in:

  • Disinfection and prevention.
  • Knowledge and use of Hygiene and Sanitization products
  • Cleaning techniques specific for each material, space, and texture.
  • Methods of cleaning and disinfection for rooms and common areas.

Redistribution and adaptation of spaces

  • Each consumption center and common space possess an indication with the maximum seating allowed.
  • All the restaurants and bars will have a 30% seating of their capacity.
  • Furniture adequate for a safe distance.
  • Visual signaling of the correct distancing in mandatory areas.
  • Every area will count on the antibacterial gel supply.

Entrance control for Guests and Visitors

  • To access the facilities, we request you to clean your shoe soles on the disinfectant mat.
  • We recommend hand washing and antibacterial gel use on a constant basis.
  • When entering the hotel, a safe distance of 2.00 meters must be maintained between guests and with collaborators.
  • The use of face masks is mandatory in all the common areas of the Hotel.
  • We ask for your permission to measure your temperature with an infra-red thermometer.
  • Upon entering of guests and visitors a brief health survey will be carried out.
  • It is requested to all guests and visitors to comply with the indicated distancing in all areas of the Hotel.
  • During Check-in, the receptionist will sanitize all official documents and credit cards with an antibacterial liquid.
  • The key Cards will be previously sanitized with antibacterial liquid and packed in a bag for guest delivery.
  • The concierge will isolate and sanitize all pieces of luggage before entering the Hotel.
  • The concierge is not allowed to go at the same time with the guest in the elevator.
  • In every room, the Hotel provides a sanity kit per person which contains:
  1. 1 face mask
  2. 1 pair of gloves
  3. An Antibacterial gel
  • We request all guests to read all our hygiene and sanity rules, located in every suite, Stara TV Channel, Concierge, Front Desk, and consumption Centers with the following information:
  1. A) The use of face masks is mandatory in common areas.
  2. B) Mandatory hand washing and the use of antibacterial gel during your stay.
  3. C) As a hotel policy, please always maintain “Social Distance of 2.00 meters” in any area of the hotel, between guests and hotel employees.
  4. D) The guest must always cough and sneeze into its elbow in all areas of the hotel.
  5. E) Highly recommended for guests to wear preferably closed shoes.
  6. F) It is suggested to all guests to make all their requests and questions by telephone in order to reduce physical contact within the hotel staff.
  7. G) Is recommended to use hotel’s suggested transportation to avoid any risk.
  8. H) Elevators allowed capacity; 2 people maximum.
  9. I) If assistance is required, please contact by phone at:
  • Hotel reception “0”
  • Hotel Medical Assistance: Dr. Juan Mora (Bilingual).

Cell phone: 55 21 40 11 94

  • Nearby Hospital, “Clínica Médica Roma”

Telephone: 55 52 07 82 24

  • Official telephone number for attention Covid-19 Mexico City

55 56 58 11 11 / 800 0044 800

Entrance control for Collaborators

  • To access the facilities, it is requested to clean the shoe soles in the disinfectant mat with drying.
  • We suggested hand washing and antibacterial gel use on a constant basis.
  • When entering the hotel, a safe distance of 2.00 meters must be maintained between guests and with collaborators.
  • Temperature measurement with an infra-red thermometer.
  • A health survey will be performed daily.
  • Changing clothes into uniform before entering the facilities, everyone should use two pairs of shoes, one for the outside use, and others exclusively for inside use.
  • Strict use of hygiene equipment supplied by the Hotel with the following items: 1 pair of gloves, 1 face mask, 1 facepiece in case of being necessary, antibacterial gel.
  • The collaborators with any risk symptom will Not be able to enter to work.
  • Use mandatory respiratory etiquette (nasal flow, sneezes, cough, do not touch face)
  • Mandatory distancing in the dining area and lockers.

Cleaning Actions and Suite Sanitization

Before the arrival of guests and diners:

All the hotel facilities are sanitized according to a strict cleaning, health, and disinfection plan.

In the Room Division Area, our program provides that:

  • One room attendant cleans and disinfects the suite
  • A second room attendant performs the assembly and completion of the suite
  • The housekeeper inspects the suite following a strict checklist
  • Linen change in each one of the occupied suites will be performed daily or at the request of the guest (the guests can decide the frequency of cleaning and sanitization or ask not to be disturbed during their stay)
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the suite:
    • Equipment and furniture
    • Doors and windows
    • Handles and doorknobs, windows, furnishings and lamps
    • Electric contacts and wiring
    • Remote controls
    • Telephones
    • Mattresses with vaporization treatment
    • Bathroom, Shower, WC, furniture, and amenities
    • Walls and panels
    • Fans
    • Routine process of air conditioning cleaning
  • All the sanitization is performed with cleaning products and viricides, certified and endorsed by certified companies in Mexico and the USA
  • After the guest´s check out, the suite is blocked for a minimum of 24 hours without using it to achieve its complete sanitization, ventilation and perfect preparation before being utilized again

Note: These actions are subject to change according to government and health recommendations.

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